Over the past ten years I have been writing and telling stories. I have helped thousands of people use the gift of Storytelling to find, tell and sometimes rewrite their story to build their Businesses and Brand. Let me help you. Check out my website. msvthestoryteller.co

Use this free E-Book to learn how to add more flavor to your Fingerprint Story,Business story, Brand story or Speech. Also how to remove parts you don't need.

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They talk about Ms V The Storyteller

Student who have taken my online class and loved it!

Ericka James

I took the last class, and it really helped me nail my short, medium and long stories that I use for my business. It was great and I HIGHLY recommend it for all businesswomen. We are good saying what we do but not at sharing our stories and that differentiates you from everyone else in your field. Sign up today! Whew! (Ericka James)

Business Owner

Cheryl Alexander

Ms. V the Storyteller is a gem who radiates light in others! Her class, follow-up and encouragement helped me tap into my heart to find my story. I now have confidence that I can help others live life with fullness and joy through the sharing of my life stories. (Cheryl Alexander)

Business Owner

Dr. Katrina Miller

I just took Ms Vs “Quick and Easy Guide to finding and telling your story course” It was really good. It helped to understand the importance of connecting with your audience regardless of the venue. As an educator, I was able to form several unique stories that will help me to present topics to a student and professional audience. I would highly recommend this course to help you perfect your WHY. (Katrina Miller)

Speech-Pathologist/ Business Owner